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Are hand-dryers really unhygienic? We don’t think so

Are hand-dryers really unhygienic? We don’t think so

In the past few months there has been a lot of research surrounding the use of hand dryers and the impact they have on our health. With some organisations and spokespeople claiming that they are more unhygienic than paper towels; and some saying the opposite. We have opted to decide for ourselves…

Bacteria spreads easier and more quickly when your hands are wet; so if you are one of the many people that don’t dry your hands at all and opt to shake your hands dry, then you might be surprised to know, there was probably no point in you washing your hands in the first place.

Here at SAVORTEX we believe that hand dryers are just as hygienic as paper towels; so it is hugely important to make your washroom product selection criteria with the following in mind:


How loud is the hand dryer I am procuring?

How much energy will it consume?

Will it cost me more than paper towels?

Is it a hand-in germ collector?

Does it still use brushed technology?


The type of technology in different hand dryers can have an effect on many things, including hygiene, and it is fair to say that some of the high-speed hand-in dryers have drainage holes which often become contaminated.

Furthermore, research has found that there may be another health affect from using super-fast hand drying facilities. It has been found that using these types of hand dryers could have the same impact on the human ear as a road drill at a close range.

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You can read more about SAVORTEX’s view on loud super-fast hand dryers by reading our recent blog post.


SAVORTEX, has recently become ECA qualified and ETL approved and aims to make buildings as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible with their low energy hand dryer range 

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SAVORTEX is an award-winning British Designer/Manufacturer of innovative and energy-efficient, sustainable washroom power hand dryers for the  global washroom sector. We hold The Guinness World Records title “most pairs of hands dried using 30kJ of energy” Our mission is to lead the industry through both innovation and the development of truly sustainable hand drying products.

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