Royal Bank of Scotland, Head of Corporate Services Operations:

“In the past, Corporate Responsibility and cost management were relatively separate activities however, in recent times these two agendas have moved much closer together to a more complimentary status. We at RBS chose to undertake a trial with SAVORTEX as we felt that they had created a product ( SAVORTEX EcoCurve ) that recognised that investment in resource efficiency also needs to be commercially sustainable. In this case by incorporating wireless energy monitoring, ‘real time’ cost usage which allowed a comparison versus other hand-drying options such as hand towels, potential to use financing to minimise capital outlay all meant that as an SME they had understood the corporate agenda perfectly and created an easily implementable solution.

The trial was an overwhelming success and we are expanding this more widely. RBS recognises the two-way benefit that we can have by working with SME’s, like SAVORTEX, who are often a real hot bed for innovation and invention.”


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