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Protect. Preserve. Pioneer.

Our Journey So Far


In 2006, Savortex™ CEO, Syed Ahmed, had a vision to design, manufacture, and distribute the world’s most intelligent and environmentally impactful hand hygiene solutions.

Since then, the realisation of that vision has enabled companies to make huge cost savings, provide a safer and healthier work environment for their people, and make a significant contribution towards a more sustainable planet.


With manufacturing proudly carried out in the UK, using 100% recyclable materials wherever possible, Savortex™ products are built to ‘last’, designed to ‘outperform’ and created with technologies that ‘pioneer’. Therefore, ours is a simple mission: Protect people, preserve the environment, and pioneer using technological innovation.





More recently, the world faced one of its toughest challenges of the century.

The global pandemic affected the British economy and, in particular, its manufacturing output. This presented Savortex™ with an opportunity to go further in its pursuit of better hand hygiene, and enabled us to pioneer a new range of smart hand sanitisers.

In twelve months, we created and launched a hand hygiene sanitiser dispenser that enabled organisations to make a more powerful contribution toward infection control and provide safer work environments for their people. The additional partnering with Dettol also meant that we could take the quality and the efficacy of the dispensing gel to an entirely new level.



With the dedication and commitment of an amazing team, Savortex™ has produced the world’s first IoT internet connected hand dryer, and won many awards along the way.


Extensive media coverage continues to shine light on our innovations and has afforded us the privilege of serving some of Europe’s most respected organisations. 


We continue to innovate and use science to develop advanced, data-led technologies, that are revolutionising washroom energy management and making a positive contribution toward the 2050 net carbon emissions target.

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