Protecting the Population with Superior Hygiene Technologies

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We are a multi-award winning British IoT (Internet of Things) hand-hygiene technology company with a decade of expertise in revolutionising workplace safety, cost- operational efficiency and hygiene.

Creating the Safest, Smartest,

Most Hygienic Workplaces  

Through our unique range of internet-connected hand dryers and smart hand sanitisers, SAVORTEX is pioneering a technological revolution of the washroom hygiene industry by transforming corporate buildings into cost-efficient, hygienic and revenue-producing smart spaces. With over 400 projects sold internationally to blue-chip, sustainability-focused customers such as Gatwick Airport, Rolls Royce, RBS and Shell, SAVORTEX is providing its customers with smart solutions for the hygiene concerns of a post-Covid world. 

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IoT Enabled Hygiene Management Systems

We provide the ONLY IoT connected data-driven hand-hygiene solution. 

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Data-driven Infection Control

Our hand sanitisers can track use in real-time to reduce the spread of infection

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Conscious Technology

Our solutions use less energy and increase operational efficiency

We are proud to supporters of Strong Gens. Dedicated to empowering children in conflict.

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Our technology has full motion screens to display compelling messaging to enourage use.


SAVORTEX® has the following Accreditations & Awards:


  • Selected as one of the UK’s top 16 high growth Cleantech companies backed by the UKTI.

  • The first hand dryer manufacturer to achieve a Guinness World Record title for the world’s most energy-efficient hand dryer.

  • Winners of Energy Product/Service Award at the Environment & Energy Award.

  • Winners of energy-efficient product of the year at the Energy Awards

  • Launched the world’s first smart hand dryer (reports usage & energy data).

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The unique nature of SAVORTEX®’s design and engineering capabilities and patented technology, not only makes our products virtually impossible to replicate but also creates opportunities for the intellectual property to be widely leveraged through a range of innovative products.

SAVORTEX® is set apart within the marketplace. The company has secured worldwide Intellectual Property Rights for its EcoCurve™ hand drying and wireless data communications technology. Our products are transforming the hand drying marketplace, firmly placing us as leaders of a smart energy-saving revolution.


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“The SAVORTEX smart hand dryer supported our client, Gatwick Airport’s sustainability strategy.”


Dr. Zainab Dangana, Wates Smart Space.

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3-5 Year Guarantee

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