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Savortex Limited’s core business is the development of environmentally sustainable hand hygiene products. 


The Company acknowledges the importance of being responsible, sustainable and ethical in order to meet the needs of the present and leave a better environment for future generations. 

We believe this can be achieved though developing and commercialising our technology to reduce reliance on electricity generated by fossil fuels.  We further are committed to sustainability through our own strategies and operations.

Through this Policy, SA Vortex Limited aims to:

  • comply with all applicable legal requirements and other requirements relating to sustainability;

  • set and communicate clear quantifiable environmental objectives and targets;

  • put in place appropriate controls to prevent pollution during any activities including SA Vortex activities;

  • reduce SA Vortex Limited’s carbon dioxide emissions through sustainable business management;

  • reduce the environmental impact of the company through conservation of its material resources where possible.

  • reduce the environmental impact and put in place measures to use fully recyclable plastics made from natural resources that provide an excellent yield for plastic recycling facilities.

  • put in place measures to promote reduction, re-use and recycling of waste;

  • ensure that the Environmental Sustainability Policy is communicated to all staff and individuals working for the Company and to provide training and awareness where appropriate;

  • provide appropriate information regarding the Company’s environmental performance to staff and all other interested parties;

  • ensure that the Environmental Sustainability Policy is reviewed annually, documented, implemented and maintained to ensure continual improvement in environmental performance;

  • The CEO has ultimate responsibility for the environmental performance of the Company.  All staff and other workers have a responsibility in delivering this policy.