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Health & Safety Method Statement & Risk Assessment

  1. The person installing the hand dryer must wear apparel that is suitable for the environment. Non-slip protective footwear is essential. Dayglow or high visibility clothing to be worn, especially important outside.

  2. The washroom must be shut for use, whilst installation is taking place. Estimated to be 30 minutes maximum.

  3. It is assumed that the electrical circuit already installed for the hand dryer to be swapped complies with BS7671.

  4. Floors must be grease and water-free.

  5. No taps or water spray devices are to be in operation whilst the hand dryers are being swapped.

  6. The work will not involve climbing over two meters and should normally do whilst standing on the floor.

  7. Any debris produced by the hand dryer swap will be swept up and removed, leaving all surfaces clean.

  8. The electrician doing the work will be a qualified installation electrician supplied by Savortex 

  9. No smoke or dust to be produced can interfere with or cause false alarms to be produced.

  10.  Air conditioning or ventilation equipment can be left running whilst the work takes place.

  11. All tools are to be accounted for and removed once the work is completed.


Risk Assessment 

Prior to work commencing

1) Check and consider any risks and hazards in the work area, Refer any concerns to the relevant person on site.

2) Ensure relevant footwear is worn.


1) Eye and Hand injury.

2) Electrocution.


1) Burns or fatalities may arise from contact with live conductors.

2) Musculoskeletal injuries from torque or sudden movement of hand and power


Control Measures

1) Installation to be carried out by qualified electrical staff.

2) Ensure work area is suitably cleared and notices posted.

3) Ensure all local staff is informed of work being carried out.

4) Use only approved equipment and tools if competent in their use.

5) Maintain work area in a tidy state.

6) Install hand dryer and cables in accordance with IEE regulations.

On Completion

Tidy up, and remove redundant materials. For your disposal.