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For facilities managers, health & safety professionals, and HR managers

How can your hand hygiene solutions reduce the need for human interaction?

Our Smart hand dryer solution can ping information directly to your hygiene portal, providing detail about footfall in a particular washroom. The data can then be interpreted as a prompt to assign a cleaner, as and when needed. There’s no guesswork, therefore reducing the need for human interaction.

We want to reduce our carbon footprint, but don’t want to pay a premium for it. How can your solution solve this problem?

Our Smart dryers only use 550watts to dry hands in 11 seconds. This saves at least 88% against traditional dryers. And with our Excel range, the cost per 1,000 dries is a mere 18p. Reduced power means reduced carbon, resulting in lower energy costs.

We don’t want to commit to buying a solution until we’ve tried it first. What can you do about this?

That’s not a problem. All of our solutions come with a no obligation, free 30-day trial.


We are a small company operating in an open plan environment. 

Which would be the better solution?

On the face of it, our Smart hand sanitisers and dryers would probably work well.

How can we ensure people regularly sanitise? 

Our Smart sanitisers use RF technology to prompt your team members to sanitise by sending them gentle messages via their smartphones.

The sanitisers will also send information to your hygiene portal informing you as to who is, and who isn’t sanitising.

Are your internet connected devices GDPR compliant?

Yes. We take privacy and data confidentiality very seriously.

Are there similar Smart solutions on the market?

No, not currently. We have pioneered this technology.

Can you supply the sanitising gel as well as the dispenser?

Yes. All our hand sanitiser dispensers come with Dettol sanitising gel.

We are interested in distributing your products, is this possible? 

Yes. You can read about our distributor sign-up process, or just contact us directly and speak to one of our representatives. 

We are building owners, can we re-brand your products to install in to our customers’ offices?

It is something that we would be happy to explore. Just get in touch.

If you have any further questions about any of our products, get in touch or book a representative to come to your premises.

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