About adDryer™

adDryer™ by SAVORTEX is eco-friendly and has a built HD screen showing full motion video to user as their hands dry enabling your personalised marketing and communication messages or generating revenue as an advertising platform for external marketers direct to your audience

Easy to Use

Wifi enabled, enables remote programming from any PC

Internal Communications

  • Easy design templates to create your messages
  • Upload your own designs in minutes
  • Schedule to suit your needs

External Revenue Generation

  • Managed through SAVORTEX media partners
  • Revenue assessed by volume of users
  • Content and messaging remotely managed
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Realtime Data and Captive Engagement

The revolutionary adDryerTM is connected to the internet and records real-time usage and content impressions, then wirelessly reports the data to our on-line portal for analytics, alerting cleaners to washroom inspection on footfall stats, and with its connection to a programmatic content management system it shows the user a tailored message as they dry hands. It’s the game changer!


Millions of captive, gender segmented professional audiences using our eco-friendly hand drying technology

Who uses the adDryer™

“LABTECH invested in SAVORTEX and the adDryer™ brand to drive energy savings in our washrooms and reduce waste from paper towels. It also allows our business community to reach their customers in a different way and drive revenue”

Head of Procurement , LABS

Intended Impact

All Savortex products are better for the environment, client and user:

  • Fewer paper towels saves mess, landfill, money and pollution.
  • Quicker drying saves energy and time.
  • More efficient drying improves hygiene.
  • Smart data aids productivity and optimises washroom management and hygiene
“We are proud to work with SAVORTEX, co-developing a product which we can bring to market to drive great customer experiences. This solution not only drives sustainability, reduces cost, and creates great customer experiences, but it provides a framework for new and innovative revenue streams”

Rod O’Shea, Group Director
Intel EMEA IoT