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Transform waste into revenue with the revolutionary Intel® inside adDryerTM by SAVORTEX®

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Built on Intel® ATOM and Smart Connect Technology, the unique adDryer™ uses its in-built sensors to report dryer usage in real-time, using the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver unrivalled energy, waste, resource savings – driving washroom inspections to be based on actual footfall rather than timed intervals. Its in-built screen engages users with real time static or HD video messages

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The adDryer provides Media Agencies and Advertisers the unique ability to push, as users dry their hands, data driven, full motion video or static adverts to a captive, 100% gender segmented, time and location based professional audience in the world’s most popular, high-traffic corporate venues.

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Not Just Smart. Really Smart

Built on Intel® technology, the adDryer uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver energy and waste savings, alerts cleaners to washroom needs based on actual footfall, and engages users with real time and one-to-one, high-definition video messages.

Enterprises can use real data to push content and drive additional revenue streams. Its the game changer!

Transform wasteful and costly washrooms into connected, hygienic, and sustainable revenue-producing assets

Why Is The adDryer So Powerful?

Energy Saving at Only 550W
(66% to 88% less than traditional dryers): Hygienically dries hands from 11* seconds.

100% waste saving
vs. paper towels.

Digital Brushless Motor Technology
(10x more operational life vs. Traditional dryers).

Smart Data & Interoperable:
Reports real-time energy and washroom footfall, for remote washroom management.

Real-time & wireless cleaning Alerts:
Sends text messages to cleaners for washroom inspections based on actual footfall for improved hygiene & resource efficiency

Generates revenue & engagement:
Real time, one-to-one Video messaging, encourages high levels of employee engagement, for enhanced productivity, hygiene & sustainability.


adDryer Case Studies

BLlogo TFlogo  heathrowlogo
adDryers Required 115 119 150
Washrooms 58 85 40
Activations per year 6,300,000 5,083,680 57,487,500
Estimated 5 year Energy Savings against existing dryer - 93,000 kWh 166,873 kWh
Estimated 5 year paper towel savings 12,600,000 - -
Upfront investment £68,998.54 £71,398.49 £89,998.10
Estimated 5 year advertising revenue & savings generated £1,406,240 £1,147,160 £7,107,937
Estimated dryer payback 6 months 8 months 1 month

Client Testimonials

“I have been very impressed by SAVORTEX®, and the new Ad dryer. The innovation offers our clients sustainable savings, unlimited data intelligence and profiability through communications and ads.

We have already introduced the SAVORTEX® adDryerTM to one of our key clients. We look forward to introducing it to more of our sustainability-focused customers in due course.”

Emprise Plc., a leading FM provider, CEO, Mark Beadle

“We are proud to work with SAVORTEX®, co-developing a product which we can bring to market to drive great customer experiences.

This solution not only drives sustainability, reduces cost, and creates great customer experiences, but it provides a framework for new and innovative revenue streams”

Rod O’Shea.
EMEA IoT Group Director.

Competitor Analysis

(V/Air Blade/Tap)
World Dryer
Air Max
Paper Towel
£0.01 per sheet
Power 550 1,100 1,600 2,300 n/a
Drying Time (s) 11* 12 10 30 2 sheets
Cost per dry (£) £0.00017 £0.00037 £0.00044 £0.00192 £0.02000
Warranty 5 5 5 5 n/a
Sound (dB) 87 85 84 84 n/a
Energy Reduction achieved against market (per dry) n/a 50.00% 58.75% 90.43% n/a
Duty Life Cycle Test 1 million Not Known Not Known Not Known n/a
Motor Type Brushless Brushed Brushless Brushed n/a
Operating Cost pa £12.41 £26.77 £32.44 £139.92 £1,460
Advertising Revenue Unlimited None None None None
Washroom Alerts Yes None None None None

*Usage figures based on 10p kWh, 200 dries per day, 365 days per year

Realtime Energy & Washroom Footfall Monitoring

The unique SAVORTEX® adDryer records real-time energy usage and washroom footfall then wirelessly reports the data to our SAVORTEX® portal online for analytics.


Transform waste into revenue
with the revolutionary adDryerTM by Savortex®

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