We provide viewer initiated, truly data backed media campaigns with guaranteed eyeballs in corporate facilities.

About adDryer™

The Intel® inside adDryer™ by SAVORTEX is digitally connected and the most environmentally advanced hand drying technology, which has a built HD screen showing full motion video adverts to captive users as they dry their hands.


The revolutionary adDryer™ uses AI and Smart technology, is connected to the internet and reports real-time usage and content impressions to the web. With its connection to a programmatic content management system it shows the user a tailored advert in real-time as they dry their hands. It’s the game changer!


  • Managed through SAVORTEX media partners
  • Revenue assessed by demographics and volume of users
  • Content and messaging remotely managed

Internal Communications

  • Managed by host client
  • Easy design templates to create your messages
  • Upload designs, schedule and push content in minutes
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Realtime Data and Captive Engagement

Every single adDryer™ is connected to the internet, reporting viewer-initiated impressions in real-time, managed on one central web portal.

Reach thousands of data backed, captive and gender segmented professionals using our environmentally sound hand drying media platform.

Who uses the adDryer™

“LABTECH invested in SAVORTEX and the adDryer™ brand. It also allows our business community to reach their customers in a different way and drive revenue”

Head of Procurement , LABS

Intended Impact

The SAVORTEX® adDryer™ is better for the environment, client and user:

  • Digital media delivery and no hand drying paper towel waste saves mess, landfill, money and pollution.
  • Quicker drying saves energy and time.
  • Real impressions data aids integrity, productivity and reduces waste
“We are proud to work with SAVORTEX, co-developing a product which we can bring to market to drive great customer experiences. This solution not only drives sustainability, reduces cost, and creates great customer experiences, but it provides a framework for new and innovative revenue streams”

Rod O’Shea, Group Director
Intel EMEA IoT

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