About adDryer™

Built on Intel® ATOM technology, The adDryer™ is an award winning low energy, sustainable and worlds first digitally connected hand dryer which shows a full motion Video message in response to users drying their hands.

It uses its built-in HD Screen which is connected to our programmatic content management system, you can either:

  1. Schedule and push internal marketing content direct to your users in real-time for increase awareness and productivity and hygiene, or
  2. Generate new revenue from your adDryers by allowing the local Businesses in your community or Advertisers to push engaging content to inspire your users.
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adDryer Setup

The adDryer is installed and connects via a secure wifi or GSM connection to our content management system, and a unique user name and login is created for you.

Use your unique login and upload or create content in minutes from our library of templates.

Internal marketing: Schedule your content to play on the adDryer by evaluating location, time, gender from anywhere in the world, and your content is displayed one-to-one to captive users.

New Revenue: If you would like to generate revenue from your washrooms, then SAVORTEX‘s media partners create an Audience value by assessing your user demographic and a campaign CPM(cost per thousand impressions/views) rate is agreed.

We split the revenue earned with you after platform costs. Its as simple as that!

Request a DemoLease the adDryer™ for just £1 per day

Why Is The adDryer™ So Powerful?

Energy Saving at Only 550W
(66% to 88% less than traditional dryers): Hygienically dries hands from 11* seconds.

100% waste saving
vs. paper towels.

Digital Brushless Motor Technology
(10x more operational life vs. Traditional dryers).

Smart Data & Interoperable:
Reports real-time energy and washroom footfall, for remote washroom management.

Real-time & wireless cleaning Alerts:
Sends text messages to cleaners for washroom inspections based on actual footfall for improved hygiene & resource efficiency

Generates revenue & engagement:
Real time, one-to-one Video messaging, encourages high levels of employee engagement, for enhanced productivity, hygiene & sustainability.

Request a DemoLease the adDryer™ for just 1 per day

Who uses the adDryer™

“LABTECH invested in SAVORTEX and the adDryer™ brand to drive energy savings in our washrooms and reduce waste from paper towels. It also allows our business community to reach their customers in a different way and drive revenue”

Head of Procurement , LABS

Request a DemoLease the adDryer™ for £1 per day

Intended Impact

Fewer paper towels saves mess, landfill, money and pollution. Quicker drying saves energy and time. More efficient drying improves hygiene. Smart data enables more efficient cleaning schedules by measuring high traffic periods.

The environmental impact is significant in its own right but not since the launch of Google Adwords has a media network empowered small spend, self-administered, one-to-one video messaging, encouraging high levels of employee engagement for enhanced productivity, hygiene, sustainability and new revenue creation.

The adDryer™ helps our clients identify hidden risks in their washroom facilities; in terms of energy, paper towel waste and  resource, and turns it into connected, sustainable and revenue-producing assets. It’s an all-round win for supplier, client, community and environment!

Request a DemoLease the adDryer™ for just £1 per day

Realtime Energy & Washroom Footfall Monitoring

The unique SAVORTEX® adDryer™ records real-time energy usage and washroom footfall then wirelessly reports the data to our SAVORTEX® portal online for analytics.