The Vortex Hand Dryer

Guinness World Record Award for Energy Efficiency
EcoSmart Vortex Hand Dryer

The Vortex EcoSmart Hand Dryer 

Our World Record holding, Vortex EcoSmart energy efficient, high speed hand dryer uses just 550W of power consumption and comes with an industry leading 7 year parts warranty.

The Vortex high speed hand dryer uses a unique brushless bypass motor technology, replacing heating elements, to compress and recycle energy to produce heat and thereby delivering long life and industry-leading power hand drying.

SAVORTEX EcoSmart automatic hand dryers are Green Specification Approved, meeting the scheme’s eco friendly hand dryer criteria.

   Key Features

  • Low power consumption, only 550W
  • Long life 7 year warranty
  • Low sound emission (From 83dB)
  • Simple installation and retro fit option
  • WEEE compliant – High recyclable material


  • Mains voltage: 230V AC +10% – 10%
  • Absorbed power: 550W
  • Standby power: 2W
  • Motor type: Brushless DC, doesn’t produce dust or ozone
  • Motor speed: 19,200 rpm
  • EMC: Complies with electronic compatibility directive
  • WEEE: Complies with waste electrical electronic equipment directive, high recyclable content


  • Securfix approach
  • Autonomous back plate fixed to vertical and prewired.
  • The blower casing hinges onto backplate and two security screws hold in place.
  • Reduces risk of theft in unfinished buildings as main part fitted only when required in seconds, with minimal tools.
  • Not possible to run without cover on reduces electric shock risk.


  • Front Cover: LM24 Aluminium
  • Back Plate: Steel
  • Blower: Steel


  • Hight: 358mm
  • Width: 356.4mm
  • Depth: 220mm
  • Weight: 7.95kg’s


  • Non-contact infrared hand detection, with minimal over run when hands removed
  • Drying time: Typically 10-15 seconds
  • Dryer operation noise: from 80db (standard sound measurement procedure used on product line)
  • Temp: 39 degrees
  • Energy used per drying cycle: 0.0015 kWh/DC

Installation surfaces

The hand dryer should be mounted vertically in two planes to a high density solid substrate. Such as brick, building block or concrete walls, that have the strength and mass both to support and to minimise sounds transmission. Any hollow construction such as stud partitions in any material should be avoided.


Technical CAD Drawing

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Part Numbers
Vortex EcoSmart White: 540

Vortex EcoSmart Black: 550


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