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SAVORTEX is delighted to introduce a new ‘Smart rental plan’ for hand dryer rental in conjunction with our rental partners. This plan will allow you to cut your energy bills with a simple rental agreement for our high speed hand dryers at a low monthly cost and offset the cost of purchase directly against the energy savings of the  EcoCurve cost saving hand dryer.

This financial model will add to the bottom line, whilst having the simple benefit of reducing your GHG emissions, meeting those energy reduction targets and improving the profitability of your business; all at a low monthly cost and no initial capital outlay.

So why not rent the hand dryers for less than your energy savings?

If you are interested in the SAVORTEX ‘Smart Rental Plan’ please fill in this simple application form or call 020 7712 1480 for more information on how you can rent the SAVORTEX eco, smart hand dryer range.

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