Management Team


Syed Ahmed

Founder and Managing Director

Welcome to SAVORTEX. I have the pleasure of working with extraordinary people building SAVORTEX. Our vision is to use our sustainable innovations, to transform wasteful  commercial facilities into connected, hygienic, and sustainable revenue-producing assets.

Our ambition relies on having the right global connections, so we’re really proud to be working with Intel, Wates and CBRE to name a few, who make our vision a global reality and we will continue to disrupt traditional business models. I am honored been to be awarded “Innovations Ambassador” by RBS, Bart’s NHS Apprenticeships Ambassador and English Asian Entrepreneur of the year, presented by Lloyds Banking Group. We measure the success of SAVORTEX based on the innovation, quality, value and service we provide.


Thomas Power

Chairman, Founder team, Chairman, Director

Hi, I’m Thomas power, Chairman of SAVORTEX and coach to Syed Ahmed, the CEO. We have created a very exciting future and now we want to share the opportunity with you.  I’ve worked at Amstrad and supplied Microsoft, so I get technology! I’m also a FTSE350 PLC qualified Non-Executive Director and I was board member when we exited QXL Ricardo PLC in 2002-2006.  We have a ‘game changing” technology, a clear strategic plan, and partnerships with proven routes to market, this is the right time to join our family. I look forward to working with you.


Nicholas Gill

Chairman, Founder team, Chief financial officer, Director

I am Nicholas Gill, CFO, a former main board Director of a London Merchant Bank, and work with SAVORTEX to raise finance to roll out our connected hand dryers, which will change the dynamics of the washroom sector.  As well as raising finance, I develop business models for businesses to best commercialise their technology.  The revenue produced by the adDryer enables a completely different business model to be adopted that ensures SAVORTEX will scale quickly.


Gareth Buchanan-Robinson

Head Strategist and Board Advisor

A senior professional with extensive experience of transforming operations and accelerating revenues to planned exit. Instrumental in three start-ups, which combined were sold for over $500M. Raised over $100M, corporate restructuring including vision and strategy planning.


Chris Dockrill

Chief technology officer

Hi, I am the CTO at SAVORTEX and manage the companies engineering, digital and IoT (internet of things) strategies. I am an experienced IT architect, engineer and developer and I have previously delivered complex IT software and hardware solutions for the BBC and Lloyds Banking Group.  I also manage the companies’ technology partnerships. Our world leading partners align well with ours and we look forward to continually push the boundaries of technology to deliver unrivalled solutions to problems within the built environment and positively impact communities.


Scott Newland

Board Advisor

I’m Scott Newland and have been in and around the real estate industry for over 30 years both as a service provider and end Client.  Our industry is evolving thankfully and with the advent of IoT and SMART products this only raises the quality and profile of how we operate and serve our Customers with added value. I am delighted to be able to advise SAVORTEX & Syed as I truly believe that the Savortex range of products are a game changer not only with regards to energy efficiencies which of course are vitally important but also for me, the ability to collect big data, allowing our Clients to then optimise their delivery models and have a true fact-based feel for their buildings.  However, the real game-changer is the commercialisation of the space taking a traditional cost centre and transforming it to a profit centre via the digital screen delivering targeted media to end-users and gaining that all so important end-user engagement.  Nobody else offers this and that’s why I’m proud to be part of the Savortex journey.


Rod O’Shey

Intel IoT Director

This is Intel’s first foray into the hand drying sector,” said Rod O’Shea, EMEA IoT Group Director, Intel UK. “It is a great opportunity to demonstrate how, with smart building management and connected devices, enterprises can use data to drive additional revenue streams while reducing operational costs and saving energy.” While the key driver for many businesses may be operational efficiency, SAVORTEX’s unique offering upturns traditional business models and the drying market. By facilitating content management for their clients, SAVORTEX demonstrates a different approach to revenue generation and smart solutions using Intel building blocks. We are proud to work with SAVORTEX, co-developing a product which we can bring to market to drive great customer experiences. The magic of the internet of things is that these things can connect to provide useful information and drive transformational business models. This solution not only drives sustainability, reduces cost, and creates great customer experiences, but it provides a framework for new and innovative revenue streams”


Kenny McCrae

Board Advisor

Kenny McCrae is a real estate industry veteran with over 30 years both as a service provider and end Client, and former Head of Global Facilities Management for Cluttons and their partners in the Corporate Real-estate market covering APAC including Greater China, Middle East Africa and Europe. Kenny is now the MD of IREP LLC, a new multi service company providing elite real estate services and the SAVORTEX adDryer partnerships to global corporates across APAC and CEEMEA regions, and forms part of the SAVORTEX global routes to market partner.


Martin McCourt

Senior Advisor to SAVORTEX

Martin McCourt is Former CEO of Dyson. Transformed Dyson from niche manufacturer to £1bn global brand, even after the onset of recession, went on to double turnover and treble profits, increasing sales in 70 markets. He said: “It is fantastic to see a British company leading the way in technological innovation. SAVORTEX is a forward thinking and dynamic company with a product range that will revolutionise the washroom sector.”