Case Study: Royal College of Psychiatrists Improve Workplace Hand Hygiene by 71%

As part of the SAVORTEX® Study with Innovate UK, London's Royal College of Psychiatrists were one of the first to implement the revolutionary technology, and have since seen a 71% increase in sanitisation and achieved a 100% Hand-Hygiene Rating.

The Head of Facilities at Royal College of Psychiatrists, said:

“We at the Royal College of Psychiatrists are looking at new ways to offer the highest level of hand hygiene standards to create safer working environments for our members of staff and visitors as we reopen our facilities after the pandemic. The SAVORTEX® Smart hand sanitiser is an innovative, data-led hygiene solution which meets our safer working environment strategy.”

RCP looked to standardise their hygiene processes and protect staff from harmful infections, spread through contact transmission. They saw an immediate uptake of the technology from staff.

Unlike other methods that have seen dramatic reductions in use since the start of the pandemic, such as manual sanitiser dispensers, RCS saw a further 25% increase in use over time. This is due to discreet instant reminders to sanitise and compelling on-screen messaging, achieving a 100% hygiene score in just one month of installation.

Watch the video below to hear more from The Royal College of Psychiatrists about how the system works for them

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