Cleanliness is the number one concern for customers when making a hotel choice

Savortex hand dryers for hotels

Cleanliness is the number one concern for customers, as well as a leading global driver of value for the hotel sector research suggests; and facilities management (FM) can play a strategic role in increasing revenues and improving guest retention according to a new whitepaper released by Emprise.

The hotel industry is worth an estimated £40bn a year in the UK, but in the current climate, occupancy and room rates levels are expected to fall this year, hotels are looking to find ways to focus on enhancing the guest experience and boost online reviews, given that “one poor review can lose a hotel around 30 customers, which equates to £2,500 per bad review for the average hotelier.”

With cleanliness topping the list of customer concerns, there is a strong argument for hotel general managers and facilities managers to use housekeeping as a means of adding value, particularly in light of increased competition and potential guests becoming more cautious as to how and where they spend their money.

Communal washrooms are just one area within a hotel that need to reflect values and of course, be super-clean.

Here at SAVORTEX we recently reported on the fact that bacteria spreads easier and more quickly when your hands are wet; so if you are one of the many people that don’t dry your hands at all and opt to shake your hands dry, then you might be surprised to know, there was probably no point in you washing your hands in the first place. We believe that hand dryers are just as hygienic as paper towels, but without the carbon footprint trail; so it is hugely important that hotels consider hand drying technologies that prevent the spread of bacteria and keep their washrooms away from the bad reviews.

The type of technology in different hand dryers can have an effect on many things, including hygiene, and it is fair to say that some of the high-speed hand-in dryers that have drainage holes, can often become contaminated. Check out our Vortex EcoCurve hand dryers here.

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