Driving energy efficient procurement in schools

Improving energy efficiency in schools shouldn’t mean compromising the comfort of staff and students. In many cases, implementing some simple energy saving measures can improve conditions, as well as saving money through the use of smart hand dryers connected to the energy management system.

All schools are encouraged the most of their resources, while providing a solid education for students. Being energy efficient saves money and is an excellent way to release funds for curricular resources or facilities.

In addition to economic benefits, there are social and environmental advantages to reducing energy consumption, such as preserving fossil fuels and minimising impact on the environment. This is increasingly important to the reputation of schools, as students, teachers and parents become increasingly aware of climate change.

Actions taken to become energy efficient provide an excellent opportunity for practical learning and real-life application for students. Many energy saving actions can be undertaken or monitored by students, while the science behind it might be a great opportunity for targeted classes.

Here at SAVORTEX we encourage sustainable procurement in all the buildings and premises that our energy efficient hand dryers are installed.  A hand dryer may only be a small piece of the ‘green jigsaw’, but by making simple changes in the way you procure products and services for your school; the overall bottom line savings can quickly be channelled into much more worthwhile activities and learning opportunities.

So if you love your school, Check out our Vortex EcoSmart hand dryers here.

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