Empowering Children in Crisis and Conflict

Empowering Children in Crisis and Conflict is more important than ever. Future entrepreneurs are essential to the global economy going forward. The children are our future and that’s not just a line in a song, it is the truth. We need to do all that we can to help to build empowered generations for the future. It is in our power to inspire, motivate and support children across the globe to not only be healthy and happy but to learn how to thrive and to be leaders of communities themselves.

SAVORTEX® Partners with Strong Gens

Empowering Children in Crisis and Conflict

This is why SAVORTEX are happy to announce to have partnered with Strong Gens (short for stronger generations) as Sponsors to get behind the mission of empowering children who are in crisis and conflict.

Syed Ahmed our CEO met likeminded Sophia the CEO of Strong Gens and was immediately inspired to get behind this amazing project!  Strong Gens is an entrepreneurial organization that educates the less fortunate young refugees to be future leaders. They do this by helping them to develop skills and to show them how they can make meaningful and measurable changes for themselves and for their communities.

Creator and Founder of Strong Gens – Sophia Wilmot-Sophia previously spent 10 years privately tutoring, coaching and caring for children. In September 2020, she left her private work to manage the Strong-Gens family full time: A Not for Profit Organization dedicated to Empowering Children in Crisis and Conflict.

Sophia and the Strong Gens team are on a mission to help young children explore their passions, their purpose and in turn to feel their power.

What is the Strong Gens Mission?
Empowering Children in Crisis and Conflict
Empowering Children in Crisis and Conflict

Providing refugee children with essential education.

To enable the children and elders to have access to education, Strong Gens are building a school within the walls of the a Greek refugee camp.

The school will stand for peace and will enable communities to come to learn together. They will be delivering a mixture of online classes delivered by Strong Gen International tutors and local classes delivered by teachers in the camp.

Sustainably sourced T-shirts.

Empowering Children in Crisis and Conflict
Empowering Children in Crisis and Conflict

The children are designing an eco-friendly custom T-shirt range which show their personal dreams to help to achieve their community dream.

These T-shirts are sustainably sourced products, which generate income for themselves and their families which also drives the charity- a perfect eco-system that makes business sense too.

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Syed and the team at SAVORTEX® were thrilled to learn how children are engaged through their sustainable future dream campaigns which are driven by their own needs, these needs are just some of the basic human necessities that all young people need to feel safe, empowered, loved and strong.

We are so excited to get behind this project which is so impactful and which will really make a difference for so many children, communities and lives.

You can help us with Empowering Children in Crisis and Conflict by making a donation here > https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/strongergenerations


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