Hand drying tech helps Euro Garages innovate washrooms, cut cost and fight covid-19

BRITISH technology manufacture, SAVORTEX® has partnered with Euro Garages, installing its unique adDryer™ hand drying technology into their public washroom facilities as part of a drive to cut cost, improve hand-hygiene and help in the fight against coronavirus.

Leading UK petrol forecourt owner, EG Group is valued at £12bn, selling fuel under brands including Esso, BP, Shell and Texaco, with its motorway service sites hosting food and beverage outlets such as Starbucks, Burger King and Subway.

A sustainability spokesman for Euro Garages, said:

“As one of UK’s largest petrol forecourt owners, we at EG Group have always taken the safety of our staff and customers visiting our forecourts as a priority. Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we are further investing in all areas of our business to offer the best environmental and hygiene standards. We chose the SAVORTEX® adDryer™ hand drying technology as it enables us to collect data on how energy efficient and hygienically we are drying hands and servicing our washrooms. It also allows us to display full motion adverts and covid-19 hygiene messages to users as they dry hands to raise awareness, and keep health and safety at the forefront of our staff and customers.”


The Intel® inside adDryer™ is the first IoT (internet of things) connected hand drying technology with full motion video. It uses an advanced digital brushless motor to dry hands hygienically in just eleven seconds.

The intelligent dryer reports individual hand drying usage and footfall data to drive operational savings, washroom hygiene and servicing alerts, and displays full motion adverts and health messages to users as they dry their hands. The product has been co-developed with Intel®.

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