How can you encourage students to sanitise?

Ensuring students are keeping up with good hand hygiene practices to maintain a healthy environment is difficult. Especially when studies show that:

  • 80% of infections are spread through touch (BCCDC)

  • Only 1/3 of young people wash their hands correctly (Pubmed)

  • Cases of the Delta variant have risen by 79% (BMJ)

In early September last year, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) warned that large numbers of students travelling for study presented a “critical risk” of seeding coronavirus outbreaks across the UK, and said universities were highly likely to experience significant outbreaks.

Universities have an obligation to protect students returning to a high-risk environment. In spite of the worrying statistics, good hand hygiene is the single best defence against the spread of infection beyond vaccination but difficult to encourage among students and before now almost impossible to measure.

A recent assessment of hand hygiene practices of university students in Vietnam found that:

  • 97% Knew hand sanitising was beneficial to their health

  • Only 47% sanitised

  • 48% Sanitised after coughing/ sneezing

  • 7.4% only washed/sanitised when their hands were visibly dirty

Thankfully we have a solution. The answer is SMART sanitisation.

SAVORTEX® have developed the only smart IoT connected hand sanitiser dispenser that used RFID* technology to detect if a student has walked past it. If the student fails to sanitise, they will receive a discreet notification via the SAVORTEX® app telling them to go back and sanitise.

Through clear instruction, reminders and repetition, students can naturally adopt better hand hygiene practices.

Schools and universities can also keep track of the overall hygiene levels throughout the campus with the SAVORTEX® hygiene portal. The portal receives hygiene data in real time to see exactly who is or isn’t sanitising or if any dispensers are running low. This helps to identify students who require further hygiene education or help keeping up their sanitisation AND is the only way to truly measure infection control from contact transmission.

For a FREE demonstration of how the SAVORTEX® Smart System Works, email us at or click the button below.

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