How Safe are Airports?

(And what could they be doing to make travellers safer)...

We are all eager to get back on a plane to sunnier climates as travel restrictions ease....but how safe do you feel in airports or on planes? A study published in the peer-reviewed journal Risk Analysis* estimated that only a quarter of people in airports have clean hands at any given time. They suggest that if airports encouraged better engagement in using hand hygiene facilities could make a huge difference: "increasing travellers engagement with hand hygiene at all airports" could reduce the impact of a pandemic by anywhere from 24% to 69%."

However, asking travellers to sanitise is not entirely a simple process. It requires additional staff, and you face the problem of people becoming affronted by being asked to sanitise or wash their hands at regular intervals. The fact is that without any data to show who is sanitising, you will never know how effective the safety measure has been.

SAVORTEX® developed the Smart Sanitiser as a way for high traffic areas to monitor usage in real-time to provide an effective way to manage the risk of contact-based transmissions. The Smart Sanitiser can send alerts when running low, improving operational efficiency and overall safety.

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