Initial Washroom Hygiene partner with SAVORTEX to enhance washroom sustainability

EcoCurve Initial

Award winning British technology and IoT company, SAVORTEX Ltd, has joined forces with Initial Washroom Hygiene to create a new paradigm in washroom management, serving Facilities and Estate Management companies.

Initial said that the “EcoCurveTM compliments the Signature range and delivers a positive environmental impact in the washroom”

30th March 2015: Initial Washroom Hygiene has partnered with SAVORTEXTM to expand its range of washroom products with the new EcoCurveTM hand dryer, designed and manufactured in the UK by SAVORTEXTM, an award winning, Technology Strategy Board funded, green technology company.

The SAVORTEXTM engineers have combined British Manufacturing, Innovation and low energy, sustainable digital brushless motor technology to produce a new class of eco-friendly, smart hand dryers.

The EcoCurveTM is the world’s first smart hand dryer, reducing energy use in buildings and improving hygiene and cleaner efficiency by recording real-time energy use. Using the power of big data combined with the Internet of Things (IoT), the information, transmitted to our Cloud server, enables the washrooms to be managed and energy monitored via a web portal.

The intelligence gathered is allowing our clients to centrally and remotely manage their washroom facilities. The unique SAVORTEXTM trend analysis provides predictions to improve resource efficiency and allow collaboration and cross-functional, continuous conversations between stakeholders. The result is profit-boosting insights through faster problem resolution with significant reductions in cost, waste and energy, resulting in improved hygiene and resource efficiency.

Designed with an in-built and patented energy recovery system, the dryer curves warmed air, triggered by four intelligent sensors, straight to the users’ palms. Hands are dried in just 11 seconds, saving both time and money. The energy used is so low that 59 pairs of hands can be dried for the equivalent cost of just one paper towel. As with other products in Initial’s Signature range, the EcoCurve’s design integrates anti-bacterial technology to improve surface hygiene and help prevent the spread of germs in the washroom. The EcoCurveTM has also has achieved a Quiet Mark from the Noise Abatement Society.

With no consumables or heating elements to service and a self-cleaning airflow, the EcoCurveTM range comes with an industry-leading 7 year parts warranty.

Dr Peter Barratt, Technical Manager, Initial Washroom Hygiene, comments: “We understand the importance of preventing cross-contamination via good hand hygiene, and providing effective hand drying facilities is a key part of this. The EcoCurveTM dryer combines great design and proven energy saving, with technological advances that deliver the ability for hand dryer use and energy consumption to be recorded. Like other products in our range, the EcoCurve provides the optimum level of hygiene and sophistication in the washroom.”

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About Initial Hygiene

Initial Hygiene is a global leader in hygiene services operating in over 45 countries across the world including the major economies of Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Africa.  It provides innovative and environmentally responsible washroom services solutions to large and small organisations across a range of business sectors including public administrations and schools, food and drink manufacturing, hospitality and leisure, medical and paramedical, construction, retail, services and transportation.

The range of Initial Hygiene’s services and supplies includes:

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Waste and energy audit courtesy of SAVORTEX