Innovative Cognicity project showcases the potential for ‘Smart Cities’ with EcoCurve

Waste and energy audit courtesy of SAVORTEX

An innovative initiative set up by the Canary Wharf Group to create one of the world’s leading smart city areas is already proving a success with huge cost savings, waste reduction and CO2 output decreases predicted.

Cognicity is the city of the future, realised today.  Set up by the Canary Wharf Group, Cognicity’s vision is to identify and accelerate the development of smart city technology and services to create one of the world’s leading smart city areas.  The series of pilots give start-ups specialising in smart technology the opportunity to deliver high profile, real-world results across the developing Canary Wharf Estate.

Smart cities use digital technologies to enhance performance and wellbeing, reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens to improve quality of life.  Arup estimates that the global market for smart urban services will be $400 billion per annum by 2020.

As part of the initiative, SAVORTEX were selected to pilot an installation of our EcoCurve Smart Data Dryers to improve the washroom sustainability profile on the Canary Wharf Estate.

The results in waste reduction, CO2 impact and energy efficiency are impressive.

SAVORTEX Pilot – Realising huge cost savings, reducing waste and improving efficiency through Innovative Smart Hand Dryer Technology

The SAVORTEX pilot at Cognicity involved the installation of EcoCurve Smart Data Dryers on the Canary Wharf estate to improve the washroom sustainability profile. Hidden costs were identified by measuring the current hand drying solution and proposing a means of reducing the amount of energy used, waste created and CO2 impact of the washrooms.

The data collected during this pilot allows building managers to monitor energy consumption and washroom footfall and predict future trends to send alerts wirelessly to cleaners, further reducing costs and improving resource efficiency.


The data reported from the EcoCurve™ smart hand dryer is presented in a user friendly way on the SAVORTEX Intelligent Data (SID™) Portal, our virtual washroom management system, revealing the hidden costs from washrooms by reporting actual energy use, footfall and expenditure.   Helping to meet and maintain ISO14001, BREEAM and LEED compliance and Carbon Reduction targets.

The results of the pilot showed that cost savings demonstrated were:

  1. 99% against the paper solutions.

  2. 81% against the current electric hand dryers.

  3. 98% in CO2 against the paper towels.

Totalling an average of an 89% CO2 emissions reduction.

In addition to this:

  1. Cleaning inspection visits were reduced by 6%. 

  2. Cost savings of £737 per dryer per year were realised.

  3. The CO2 savings will be over 1,840 tonnes.

  4. The waste to landfill of the over 12 million paper towels used annually will be reduced to zero. 

Canada Tower has an approximate requirement of 236 hand dryers so by installing the EcoCurve dryer, a direct energy and paper towel saving totaling approximately £170,000 per year has been created.

The outcome of the pilot has been to start to roll out the EcoCurve hand dryers in the CWG estate.

For more info on the Cognicity project including the SAVORTEX pilot and other pilots from Pointr, Asset Mapping andReward Technology visit the website:


EcoCurveTM Smart Hand Dryers and Washroom Efficiency System by SAVORTEX

The EcoCurve Smart Data Dryer (/hand-dryers/ecocurve/ ) is leading the way in Smart Hand Dryer technology.  Building washrooms currently hold a myriad of hidden risks and only through the use of smart, energy efficient technology and data can these be eradicated and turned into a profitable asset.  But how could it help your business?

  1. Benchmark and Save

With the data, a real-time, ongoing direct comparison to the previous drying solution provides the ability to create your own business case for other buildings. The system creates a fully detailed report that you can download.

  1. Resource Efficiency

SID™ notifies Facility Managers when washroom footfall has reached a pre-determined level during the day. This information, combined with trend analysis and our unique predictive algorithms, efficiently schedules inspections and cleaning visits, saving costs and avoiding wasting staff time.

  1. Profitability

Reduction of costs directly benefits the bottom-line. See the savings for yourself, enter your name and e-mail address below and we will send you details to gain access to one of our live sites.

Waste and energy audit courtesy of SAVORTEX