Trials of a new smart sanitiser technology are being rolled out across the country to help stop the spread of Covid-19 in workplaces.

Workplaces are Set to Open

Yet 33% of people are concerned if their co-workers are sanitising or not [Solopress]. With 1 in 5 people not cleansing hands properly[CDC], and without any individual usage data, there is no way of knowing who is sanitising and who is not. This endangers everyone in the building.

So how can you stop the spread of infection in the workplace and protect your business against service disruption and financial loss?


The Free Trial Project

As part of the SMART Hand Sanitiser Research Project by SAVORTEX® and Universities of Leeds and Sheffield, funded by Innovate UK, we can provide free Smart Hand Sanitisers with incorporated video screens to select trial partners who agree to participate in the trial to show how they can improve employee health.

The trial will demonstrate:


Why Complete a Trial?

How Do You Know Who is Sanitising?

The risk to the global workforce from Covid-19 is a long-term issue. The fact is that we face an indefinite risk from viruses. Therefore, it is vital for businesses to reimagine their infection control and hygiene strategy and implement health and safety measures, to provide safe access to the workplace and give staff peace of mind that it is safe to do so.

The Problem

It just takes ONE person to enter an area or building with some kind of bacteria or virus on their hands to infect 60% of the workplace in just 2 hours [Arizona University].

80% of Infections are Spread through touching surfaces.

Pre Covid-19 illnesses cost busniesses $225.8bn is lost revenue [CDC]. The pandemic is set to cost upwards of $480bn [CEBR].

Introducing the SAVORTEX® smart (IoT connected) Hand Sanitiser

Real-time infection control management:

Provides vital health and safety data to keep infection rates low and ensure staff safety.

Touch-free application:

Eliminates cross-contamination from

manual dispensers and automatically dispenses exactly the right amount of sanitiser gel required to kill the virus according to EN Standards. This gives co-workers peace of mind that colleagues are on top of their hand-hygiene.

Intelligent dispensing:

The large internal dispenser and automatic refill alerts reduce service disruption and improve operational efficiency.

Compelling messaging:

The full-motion sanitiser features a 5.7in screen that delivers engaging messaging to raise awareness, promote better hand hygiene & wellbeing.

To register for a free trial, email us:

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