Premium Hand Sanitiser Dispenser – The Market Leaders in Business Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

The last two years have highlighted the importance of hand sanitisation; now more than ever, people want to know they have access to hand sanitising facilities and the Savortex Smart Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Range offers that and a whole lot more. As workplaces have opened back up, businesses have been keen to provide staff with access to hand sanitiser dispensers around the office, but time constraints along with the eagerness to get employees back to the office may mean that you have hand sanitising dispensers which are not cost effective for your business as they will probably need replacing after a short time. This is where the Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Range from Savortex is different and why we are the market leaders in smart hand sanitiser dispensers. The Hand Sanitiser Dispenser range from Savortex can last for 10 years! Meaning, in that time you may have replaced inferior hand sanitiser dispensers on many occasions before the Premium Hand Sanitiser Dispensers from Savortex are even halfway through their lifespan!

Another great bonus to the Savortex Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Range, they are designed to put you in control so you can create reliable, safe, and healthy environments for your staff and visitors. Made in the UK with recyclable plastic, these Premium Hand Sanitiser Dispensers from Savortex are the market leaders in smart hand sanitisation and the next generation of intelligent hand hygiene and workplace sanitisation systems. Savortex takes hand sanitiser dispensers to a whole new level!

Using smart technologies, these Premium Hand Sanitiser Dispensers from Savortex provide you with real time information so you can manage hygiene performance to ensure you are providing the best hand sanitising solution for your visitors and team. The Savortex Smart Sanitiser Dispenser remotely informs managers when liquid is running low and displays usage information in real-time on your dedicated hygiene dashboard. Our Smart Hand Sanitisers can also prompt your team members to sanitise by sending them gentle messages via their smartphones. The hand sanitisers will also send information to your hygiene portal informing you as to who is, and who isn’t sanitising. These key features will give you and your team peace of mind that your business is providing the best hand sanitiser dispensers that are on the market today.

Some of the key benefits of the Savortex Smart Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Range include:

· contactless dispensing to eliminate cross contamination

· an industry leading 3 years parts guarantee as standard

· a large 1.8ltr internal tank, reducing service disruption from regular refilling and improves operational efficiency

· remote liquid refill alerts - the intelligent dispenser remotely informs managers when liquid is running low and displays usage in real-time on the hygiene dashboard.

· a fully branded online Hygiene Portal - the customisable hygiene portal displays key hand hygiene information for you to manage hygiene performance in real-time.

· gentle prompts to remind staff to sanitise

Investing in one of these Premium Smart Hand Sanitiser Dispensers for your business, not only gives your staff and visitors peace of mind but means you will be making a long-term investment for your business by not having to replace your hand sanitiser dispenser as often. As the Savortex Hand Sanitiser Dispensers can last up to ten years it means you will not be constantly replacing the unit and spending more money. The capabilities of the Savortex Smart Hand Sanitiser Dispensers significantly reduce hygiene risks, improve health & safety, reduce cross-contamination, and lessen the manual labour and maintenance needed compared to traditional sanitisers making it the ideal choice for your business!

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