Product Review – Hand Dryer’s

I’m sure there are many of you out there that have finished washing your hands and go to dry them under a hand dryer only for it to not work properly. Then spend the next few minutes, trying to get it to work and when that fails, flapping your hands around trying to dry them! It’s incredibly annoying to be told as a business owner that something in your organisation isn’t working. Even something as small as a malfunctioning hand dryer. Happy staff and visitors are the top priority for most company owners, and you always want to present your business in the best possible light. It sounds like a small thing, but even the lack of care shown in a poorly functioning hand dryer can cast doubt over how important the little details are. Introducing a premium Hand Dryer – the Smart Hand Dryer from Savortex. Finally, a reliable, ecologically focused hand dryer solution created for organisations who are committed to not only reducing their carbon footprint, but also to providing the ultimate service for your staff and visitors. The Smart Hand Dryer from Savortex, has many features unlike any other hand dryer on the market today. Here are the key benefits of this premium Hand Dryer from Savortex;

Key Benefits

· Uses 88% less energy than traditional dryers

· Record-breaking 18p cost per 1,000 dries

· 10x longer lifespan than traditional dryers

· 11 second hand dry time

· Industry-leading five-year warranty

· Manufactured from recyclable 100% ABS plastic

· British made

· Lasts 60 years

What makes this ‘Smart’?

· Analyses footfall metrics and pings washroom alerts directly to cleaners

· Boosts efficiency and allocates cleaners where needed

· Provides heat maps to show cleaned Vs used washrooms

· Know immediately when maintenance is required – to avoid one of the biggest complaints, a dirty washroom.

Savortex Smart hand dryers are designed to put you in control and deliver essential real-time information enabling Business Owners and building managers to create safer and healthier environments with minimal effort. Savortex Smart hand dryers come complete with an intuitive, data-driven dashboard system that communicates the real time status of all your products. It keeps you connected, notifying you of any servicing need or when it’s time to clean washrooms based on footfall. Our Savortex System keeps you looped in.

We have a vision of providing the cleanest, most litter-free hygienic washrooms in the smartest most efficient way possible. Do you share the same vision? The vision to continue to develop the world's most advanced data-led connected technologies that help create the safest, smartest, most sustainable working environments? If so, then now is the time to relook at your current hand dryer and ask yourself, is this really a premium hand dryer? If the answer is no, contact us today to find out how we can help your company achieve a more sustainable future.

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