Product Review – Premium Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

The last two years have certainly been a challenge for most companies. With numerous lockdowns and work from home orders it has become increasingly difficult to work efficiently in an office environment. Now we are all learning to live with Covid 19 getting back to an office is a must. It is more important than ever to not to stop the much-needed hand sanitising routine that allows us to keep everyone protected. Most companies chose early in the pandemic to furnish their staff with hand sanitiser and dispensers as a quick solution to meet the demands and keep their offices open, staff protected and safe. It has become an all too familiar story that the hand sanitiser dispensers that were chosen simply don’t do the job! If you have started to receive complaints about your hand sanitiser dispenser; perhaps your current hand sanitiser dispenser has started to leak gel or the gel runs out far too quickly, then it’s time to replace yours with a new premium hand sanitiers dispenser!

The SAVORTEX® Premium Sanitiser Dispenser

The Savortex premium hand santisier dispenser has a range of key benefits that makes this hand sanitiser dispenser stand out from other competitors in the marketplace. Here are some of the features your company, staff and visitors can enjoy when you purchase a premium hand sanitiser dispenser from Savortex;

Key Benefits of the premium hand sanitiser dispenser

· Firstly, the hand sanitiser dispenser from Savortex is manufactured in Britain with recyclable plastic and comes with an industry-leading 3-year parts guarantee as standard. Which give you the peace of mind knowing the investment in your staff’s safety will be guaranteed.

· The Smart Sanitiser Dispenser remotely informs managers when liquid is running low and displays usage information in real-time on your dedicated hygiene dashboard.

· You are able to automatically dispenses sanitiser gel, eliminating cross-contamination. Which is more important than ever, in order to keep your staff safe and continue to run your business effectively.

· The premium hand sanitiser dispenser has a large 1.8ltr internal tank that reduces service disruption from regular refilling and improves operational efficiency.

· A fully branded online Hygiene Portal allows for customisable GDPR compliant* hygiene portal displays key hand hygiene information for you to manage hygiene performance in real-time.

The SAVORTEX® Smart Health Sanitiser Dispenser

If you have been underwhelmed with your hand sanitiser dispenser, now is the time to invest in the safety of your staff, with the premium hand sanitiser dispenser brought to you by Savortex. Smart, sustainable automatic hand sanitiser dispensers that transform workplace hygiene! To learn more about how we can ensure an environment that is safe for your staff and visitors, contact us today.

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