SAVORTEX Announced As Impact Business Of The Year

SAVORTEX, the multi award-winning hand drying technology manufacturer, has been chosen as Impact Business of the Year at this year’s London Asian Business Awards.

The event, which took place on Tuesday 19th September, recognises the success, determination and entrepreneurial spirit of London-based Asian businessmen and businesswomen at the forefront of their industries. The winners are a true reflection of high standards as they are chosen by members of the public.

Ifran Younis, CEO of the organisers of the event, Oceanic Consulting, said: “We are honoured and delighted to have such great finalists and winners representing the London Asian business community and enhancing its reputation nationally and internationally. These were the first ever London Asian Business Awards. They are a true reflection of the talent in London and we want to make sure that the hard work of those deserving professionals doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Syed Ahmed, CEO at SAVORTEX, said: “We are thrilled to have been chosen as Impact Business of the Year. Our hand dryers are leading the way in transforming the washroom market with their innovative IoT technology. They have been designed to deliver unrivalled levels of sustainability, energy and operational resource savings.”

How is our technology positively impacting our clients and customers? 

Industry Challenges:

  1. Ingrained issues: High costs, inefficient maintenance, and high energy consumption in washrooms make them difficult to manage, so we wanted to create a solution that solves multiple problems at once.

  2. Excessive Waste: We wanted to fine a green alternative to prevalent and expensive paper towels, as these significantly impact the environment in both manufacture and disposal. 

  3. Status Quo: Conventional brushed-motor hand-dryers are energy-hungry and have short life-expectancy so are costly to run, but finding the budget to deploy new solutions on the necessary scale can be difficult. 


  1. Strong Performance Per Watt: Our hand-dryers incorporate powerful, yet very efficient, Intel Atom processors and advanced digital brushless motor technology.

  2. IoT Connectivity: We deployed Intel Smart Connect Technology to be able to confidently collect hand-dryer usage data in real-time, this sends that data to the cloud for analysis.


  1. True Sustainability: We offer a powerful, energy efficient hand-dryer range that delivers a quick-dry in just 11 seconds and runs on just 550 watts. This is significantly lower than other brands in the marketplace.

  2. Operational Efficiency: Our solution offers a connected washroom management system that can reduce clients’ operational costs by facilitating effective and responsive washroom cleaning.

  3. New Revenue: Thanks to hardware from Intel, the adDryer engages users with one-to-one, high definition video messages so businesses can use real data to push content and drive additional revenue streams.