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The SAVORTEX project team have improved the energy efficiency of our hand dryers and have become the first ever British hand dryer manufacturer to achieve a Guinness World Record title for the energy efficiency of our Vortex EcoSmart high speed hand dryer, drying four pairs of hands using less than 24kJ. Typically a conventional hand dryer will use 69kJ for one pair of hands dried, and the Dyson Air blade for example uses approximately 24 kJ for one dry. This represents energy and cost reduction of up-to 88% compared to a 2400W hand dryer.

Energy efficiency chart

We have designed a unique digital brushless bypass motor using super low energy, replacing the need for heating elements and instead using a heat regenerative technique that uses compression to heat the air — incorporating 3 registered patents that maximizing the energy efficiency of the Vortex and resulting in an energy and cost reduction of up-to 88%.

The overall hand dryer development was to ensure that the implementation of such innovative technologies is made easy for key decision makers in the washroom product selection process.  Driving energy efficient measures and key messages to a number of UK sectors is a strategic component of the SAVORTEX project mission, which is both achievable and realistic.

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Sales are increasing with key clients such as British Airways, Everything Everywhere, RBS, McDonald’s, Marriott Hotels, who are all keen to adopt the lowest energy hand dryers for CSR reasons.

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