SAVORTEX®, Like Apple Encouraging Smart Hand Hygiene

What is Smart Hand Hygiene? 

Are you washing your hands for the full 20 seconds?  How can you be sure?

Tech companies such as Apple and SAVORTEX® are encouraging smart hand hygiene using smart tech to reassure you, building owners and managers, just how essential smart hand hygiene techniques are.

smart hand hygiene

As we enter the next phase of the pandemic and restrictions ease, businesses, staff and customers are looking for more hygienic ways to return to a new normal.

Time to find out – Are you washing your hands for the full 20 seconds?

To help with this Apple has unveiled a new operating system, WatchOS 7.  One of the features on this new system interests us very much.  This feature has the same values as SAVORTEX® with data-driven hand sanitisation, encouraging optimal hand hygiene.  The feature is called Automatic Handwashing Detection.  The watch starts a 20 second timer when it realises you are washing your hands, to drive better hand-sanitisation.  We can enhance this effort, our smart hand dryers report usage in real-time. The dryer dries hands hygienically in 11 seconds and data alerts facilities managers to inspect washrooms on footfall for improved washroom hygiene and operational efficiency. Now, that’s Smart!

smart hand hygiene

The WHO, (The World Health Organisation)  The NHS and GOV.UK have advised us since the beginning of the pandemic, how important it is to wash our hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds to prevent the spread of Covid19. We at SAVORTEX® with full motion video messages on the adDryer™ are helping people to understand why.

Washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses that may be on your hands.The World Health Organisation 

Washing and drying your hands correctly has always been a vital way to stop bacteria and germs from spreading, but we need hygienic habitual practices in place to ensure that we are doing this often and correctly. 

Now more than ever, building owners and managers require smart solutions to these problems. It’s essential that employees and customers feel safe and comfortable in a clean and healthy environment. 

Data-driven smart hand hygiene is Covid19’s worst nightmare

These features from the Apple WatchOS7 and our Smart Hand Dryers including the adDryer™ (which has a built in video screen for real-time hygiene messages) will create awareness, encourage people to follow the guidelines and create good habits for the future. 

We are delighted that Apple and other tech companies are joining in our effort in making buildings, workplaces, shops, bars, and gyms healthier, happier and more sustainable, Eco-friendly environments.

Tech and data solving washroom problems

Just as the Apple Watch uses data regarding the frequency and duration of your hand washing techniques the SAVORTEX™ smart hand dryer also has real time energy and washroom footfall data. It enables building managers to understand how hygienically and effectively users are drying their hands, ensuring washrooms are free of litter and waste due to responsive cleaning, rather than a lot of guesswork. Data backed hand washing and drying is here, it drives effective sanitisation and optimal hygiene standards for building owners in our fight against bacteria and viruses spreading.

This is useful because the scientific information given to us by the World Health Organisation is that coronavirus may stay on surfaces for anything from a few hours to several days. SAVORTEX® hand dryers are Smart and take hand hygiene to the next level with the drying and footfall data and cleaning alerts creating timely washroom inspections so that cleaners are not wasting time (and money) going to washrooms that do not need cleaning and more importantly they are not letting washrooms which need cleaning be overlooked.

Hand-hygiene detection aids like these will help everyone to get into healthier routines. These routines don’t just help us but will help everyone around us to stop the spread of covid19 and other illnesses. 

As the pandemic passes, we will have smart hand hygiene solutions and practices in place, so that hopefully we are better prepared to stand up to any viruses or illnesses in the future.