SAVORTEX® Partners with Tech Giants Arm to Make Buildings Safer with Smart Sanitiser

British hand-hygiene technology manufacturer SAVORTEX® partners with tech giants Arm Pelion and launches the first Smart hand sanitiser which has the ability to report users who do not sanitise their hands as a hygiene risk and deny access if required, to make buildings safer.

Covid-19 has brought hand-hygiene to the forefront of global business, a sector forecast to grow from $2.7bn to $36.6bn by 2026. With 1 in 5 people not washing hands and considering that 80 percent of all infections are transmitted by touch, it’s costing employers $225.8 billion annually. 

SAVORTEX® are now taking the revolutionary product range to market with selected resellers and tenders – Close by the 4th of August 2020 

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Founder and CEO, Syed Ahmed comments on the launch,

“The SAVORTEX Smart Hand Sanitiser provides a safe, no touch solution that monitors usage and provides building owners with peace of mind that vital hygiene protocols are being followed.”


The SAVORTEX Smart Hand Sanitiser

Smart Sanitiser

SAVORTEX® and Arm Pelion team up to make buildings safer with Smart Sanitiser

SAVORTEX foresee increased market demand post-COVID, which will primarily focus around encouraging optimum hygiene. As they drive to expand and scale out massively, working with a partner like Arm decreases the likelihood of potential data supply issues. Globally, they’re currently seeing many new opportunities, with partnerships in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Dubai among many others. They have also developed strong links to the US, Europe and Africa. Arm is the perfect partner to help SAVORTEX deploy their devices with truly global connectivity. And the technology partnership provided by Arm has also enabled them to innovate and push into new markets. Their newest product, the Smart hand sanitizer leveraging Pelion Connectivity Management, was recently released and SAVORTEX predicts that it will transform the hygiene industry. The worldwide market for hand sanitizers was valued at $3B in 2019, and post-COVID is expected to grow to $37B by 2026. Thanks to their collaboration with Arm, they’ve been able to quickly pivot their hand dryer technology into this new product and grow their business to address the industry needs. SAVORTEX

Arm® Pelion

Syed Ahmed stated that,

“Our experience has been so good that we wish we’d made the connection with Arm sooner.” “The fact that Arm is one of the world’s largest technology companies opens more doors and allows more collaboration. When you’re innovating in a space, credibility is very important and Arm provides that.”

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