SAVORTEX Plays Key Role in Wates Sustainable Redevelopment


Wates has opted to replace its current hand drying system by installing the EcoCurve 550A throughout its headquarters in Leatherhead, Surrey. By switching to this smart technology, SAVORTEX estimates that the company will make significant cost and energy savings, including 77.10 tonnes of CO2, totalling £14,630 over a seven-year period.

The Client

Wates is one of the largest privately-owned construction, development and property services companies in the UK. With a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability programmes, the company works to deliver efficient and cost effective solutions that improve businesses carbon footprint.

As a result, the company is constantly on the look-out for innovative products that can not only help improve its carbon footprint but also provide a cost effective and sustainable solution for its clients.

The company has a dedicated team, Wates Sustainable Technology Services, which supports customers and partners of the Wates Group in achieving their sustainability goals by helping to identify, select and implement cost-effective proven sustainable technologies that comply with regulations, lower carbon emissions, improve building performance and reduce operational costs.

The Install

Wates refurbished its headquarters in Leatherhead, Surrey. The headquarters is at the heart of Wates with more than 350 people using the building every day therefore a key focus of the redevelopment was to improve the building’s sustainability and efficiency.

In order to do this, the company introduced a number of innovative products to save on water and energy. This included other innovative green products as part of the upgrade. As part of the upgrade, the company also opted to replace its Mitsubishi Jet 1200W hand dryers with 18 EcoCurve 550As from SAVORTEX.

The company chose to install the EcoCurve 550A due to the substantial energy savings the solution provides. The EcoCurve 550A uses a patented energy recovery and curved air delivery technology, which results in a 66% energy saving compared to any other dryer on the market, and as a result, delivers considerable carbon and cost savings.

The Results

The existing dryers in the facilities had a power rating of 1200 watts, over double that over the EcoCurve range. As a result, the EcoCurve dryer will deliver a saving of 77.10 tonnes of CO2 and an energy saving of £14,630 over the seven-year period. In addition, due to an industry leading warranty of 7-years, the need to replace parts was also reduced by a factor of more than two.

Since the redevelopment, Wates have made an overall saving of 20% on their energy consumption by deploying from their partners who participate in the Wates Sustainability Workspace program.

Dr Zainab Dangana, Sustainable Technology Services Manager at Wates, said: “We are committed to the long-term future of the built environment. Businesses are facing increasing pressures to improve their carbon footprint and as a result are looking for more cost saving solutions. It was important to us that our headquarters reflected our company ethos. We were extremely impressed with the SAVORTEX EcoCurve range and the savings it can deliver.”

Syed Ahmed, CEO at SAVORTEX, said: “This partnership with Wates is just one example of how our hand dryers can help businesses improve efficiencies and decrease costs. Our hand dryers have been designed to transform the washroom market by delivering unrivalled levels of sustainability, energy and operational resource savings.”