Targeted Energy Data Monitoring in Buildings

SAVORTEX are pioneers of data driven, eco friendly hand dryers, with a unique in-built energy recovery system that creates super low energy hand dryers. Energy costs and waste are significant cost factors to any business. Both values are subject to constant change and can have a permanent influence the bottom line. Targeted energy monitoring in buildings requires an accurate understanding of how much energy is being consumed and more importantly, whereabouts in the building. SAVORTEX are committed to providing their customers with an understanding on the actual energy consumption of our dryers through their new smart EcoCurveTM sustainable hand dryers.

EcoCurve energy monitoring portal

SAVORTEX strive to achieve the goals of reducing energy, waste and cost of our client’s washroom facilities. We design, create and deliver British award-winning, patented, revolutionary hand drying products for the global washroom sector. Their range of smart, eco friendly hand dryers are nationally Green Specification Approved and are particularly useful for BREEAM buildings or LEED certified projects.

Data Monitoring

It is crucial that energy monitoring is not carried out as a one-time exercise and that the recording of energy consumption is a strategic, on-going task for the sustainable monitoring of energy consumption. This data monitoring is essential and should form the basis for future measures to be implemented to reduce energy consumption.

The energy saved by the EcoCurveTM smart hand dryer is monitored through the use of SAVORTEX’s web portal, ‘SAVORTEX EcoCurve Intelligence’. The EcoCurveTM with data can provide Facilities Managers, Energy Managers, Sustainability Managers and a multitude of users with the capability to explore the actual energy consumption of their hand dryers within individual buildings and or throughout property portfolios, without making wild assumptions.

The implementation of energy efficiency measures is a key strategic component of the overall business plan within SAVORTEX. We have an exceptional mutual fit with the needs of organisations that are looking for energy efficient technologies that make sound business and environmental sense.

The SAVORTEX vision is clear: To lead the industry through both innovations, with the development of truly sustainable, connected hand drying products.