The EcoCurve Hand Dryer receives GreenSpec PASS endorsement


We’re delighted to announce that the new EcoCurve™ Hand Dryer Range has been endorsed by the GreenSpec PASS panel.

GreenSpec is the leading ‘Green Building’ resource in the UK.  A ‘Green’ product represents more than one positive environmental factor or qualities that make it stand out from other products in the same function category.

When selecting sustainable construction materials, identifying ‘Green’ products is the number one issue for architects, specifiers and other building designers.

The PASS endorsement label is recognised as the top practical labelling system enabling designers to distinguish really green products from lesser environmental quality products and materials.

PASS is in a class of its own, it evaluates the products impact to not only the environment, but also the contribution to the overall elements in building and construction. After extensive research and evaluation of the product, the product is endorsed with the GreenSpec PASS.

We’re thrilled that the EcoCurve™ Hand Dryer has been recognised for its improved energy management, resource efficiency and helping to meet and maintain ISO14001, BREEAM and LEED compliance and reducing carbon footprint.

If you’re interested in discussing how the EcoCurve can help with the sustainability of your project, call us today or enquire online and receive a free energy and waste audit worth £500.