The future of workplaces and cities

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SAVORTEX CEO Syed Ahmed is delighted to be speaking at this the Energy Management Conference this Thursday, March 19th to discuss the future of workplaces and cities with improved energy management strategies.

He’ll be talking about new ways to use sustainable energy, as well as proactively reducing costs.

UK businesses could save £23 billion per year by improving the way they use resources and interact with their business premises, furthermore the built environment accounts for around 33% of waste, and 47 per cent of UK greenhouse gas emissions, and what’s alarming is that 30%-50% of the energy in buildings is wasted! Smart energy management is the most dynamic segment of the building technologies and services industry.

SAVORTEX is a Technology Strategy Board funded, multi-award winning British Eco Technology and IoT (Internet of Things) Company.

We have found that hidden risks in buildings i.e. energy and waste can be identified and turned in profitability through Smart technology that produces actionable data.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure and it is vital to improving the way buildings are operated and unlocking potential savings, whether that’s in terms of cash, carbon or waste. The challenge is knowing what areas of a building to target and how to use the data. Washrooms make a compelling starting point for any organisation: there around 70 million around the world; around 20% use ‘energy-hungry’ hand dryers; and the average person uses up to 3,000 paper towels drying their hands at work each year.

Syed looks forward to sharing tips and insights into how we are using a cognitive platform with big data to offer unrivalled servitzation, data intelligence, trend analysis for our sustainability focused clients, helping them improve resource efficiency, encouraging collaboration and cross-functional, continuous conversations between stakeholders, resulting is profit-boosting insights through faster problem resolution and a significant reduction in cost, waste and energy.

Energy Management Conference

For example, one of our clients stands to save £35,000, 2.7 tonnes of CO2, 3.3 tonnes of waste and 1,938,209 paper towel sheets per year in just one building alone by using our products and data platform.

Understanding how to harvest data will enhance performance and well-being, reduce costs and resource consumption, engage energy management effectively within the built environment and deliver opportunities to monetise the data being collected introducing profitability in our businesses and economy.

“Data in the 21st Century is like Oil in the 18th Century: an immensely, untapped valuable asset. Like oil, for those who see Data’s fundamental value and learn to extract and use it there will be huge rewards.”

Register for the event here, or you can follow the event on Twitter using the handle @themanufacturer or the hashtag #tmenergy.