Top green tips for modern businesses

In this day and age, if businesses wish to remain relevant in a competitive marketplace, they have to start thinking green. Not only does the top line demand it, but studies done by the Harvard Business Review have shown that once a business replaces traditional practices and technologies with more sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives, that same business will find their operating costs greatly decreased. Yet, how does a business begin to make this change? We at Modernize understand that this transition can be a huge undertaking. Here are 3 of our top tips for modern businesses who wish to be more environmentally conscious.

550D Data Intelligence

Cut Energy Expenditures

One of the major operating costs for any business comes from their monthly electric bill, but knowing where you need to make cuts can be difficult. When you install the SAVORTEX EcoCurve Smart 550D hand dryer in the bathrooms, this guessing game is made obsolete. These smart dryers will not only provide a 90% energy reduction depending on your current air dryers, but they, also, gather data on the bathroom usage, such as hourly footfall. With this information, you can replace traditional light switches for ones that run on a timer, thereby providing further savings on wattage while not leaving anyone in the dark.

Decrease Paper Waste

There is no way to completely eliminate paper products from your office, but there are certainly ways to decrease the quantity. By exchanging your bathroom paper towels for the SAVORTEX EcoCurve 550A hand dryer, you can “[sustainably dry] 59 pairs of hands for the equivalent cost of 1 paper towel,” helping save money as well as the environment. Also, instead of simply throwing away or recycling slightly used paper, turn them into scratch pads to use for quick comments and reminders rather than sticky notes.

Choose Longevity

When it comes to making technological purchases for your business, choose equipment that is known for its durability. The more frequently a piece of equipment breaks, the more likely it is to end up in a landfill sooner rather than later. All SAVORTEX products fit this need perfectly because they have a lifespan of over 20,000 operational hours, which translates to over 1080 days of use on a machine that averages 100 dries every day!

By saving energy, using less paper, and electing to purchase durable technologies, your business will not only begin to increase profits and decrease expenses, but you will also be doing your part to take care of our planet. And that is something everyone can get behind!

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