What Have Our Customer’s Been Saying?

Since we launched our first product four years ago, we have worked with many blue chip companies including Heathrow Airport, RBS and Carillion. We believe that a true indicator of how good our clients think our products are, is through the testimonials they give. Here are a selection from some of our customers:

“We have a clear focus on carbon reduction and sustainable client solutions and the EcoCurve range supports this. Utilising real data intelligence we can achieve smart cost savings and effective washroom management which is increasingly important to both Carillion and our customers.”

Euan Burns, Chief Engineer at Carillion

“There is a great deal of pressure from the government on UK businesses to operate in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way. As a leading bank with branches and offices across the country, we felt it was important that we reviewed our carbon footprint. However, moving to a more environmentally friendly way of operating can be costly and time-consuming. We were thoroughly impressed with SAVORTEX and the EcoCurve. They understood our requirements perfectly and created a simple yet innovative solution which would not only help us to decrease our CO2 emissions but also to reduce costs.”

Head of Corporate Services Operations at RBS

“We trialled the EcoCurve Hand Dryer at Heathrow in a high usage area and the results, both in energy consumption and user satisfaction, exceeded expectations. Furthermore, during the feasibility stage of this project, the SAVORTEX team was brilliant. They continued to deliver all the way through the many stages, from concept to commissioning. Their professionalism has been paramount and their attention to detail second to none. Not only that, but their comprehensive assistance has been very helpful from answering all our questions covering all aspects from insurance to legislation.”

Hassan Atiq, Energy Manager at Heathrow

“We were very impressed with the performance and energy efficiency of the SAVORTEX hand dryer. The results were so impressive we have now made the dryers the number one choice for AWE throughout the whole site. Choosing energy efficient equipment will help us achieve our targets. All areas of energy consumption are being reviewed and choosing the SAVORTEX hand dryer has been seen as a quick win in the difficult task of reducing energy consumption as we are saving 82% of energy in comparison to the hand dryers we previously used.”

 – Andrew Kulka, Energy Manager at AWE

“We were looking for ways to not only improve the efficiency of our cleaning operation but also to reduce the cost of our energy consumption as electricity is one ok Skandia’s largest running costs. We chose the SAVORTEX hand dryer because it has a very clever design that uses less energy than our current hand dryers. Units like the SAVORTEX EcoCurve Hand Dryer will go a long way towards an intelligent solution to reducing these costs, and the consequential reduction in our carbon footprint.”

Peter Bridge, Royal Skandia Life Insurance Ltd

“We have been delighted with the performance of our new SAVORTEX hand dryers over the last few months. They are subjected to periods of intense use on a daily basis, and they dry hands much faster than the traditional dryers they replaced, yet they use much less electricity. As a result we are not only saving money, but also helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Who said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it? We hope eventually to replace all our traditional dryers with SAVORTEX hand dryers. May we congratulate you on creating an excellent product.”

 – Usamah K. Ward, FM at East London Mosque

“In my busiest restaurant, we serve over 70,000 customers per month and it’s fair to say that our toilets and hand dryers get a lot of use. So, it is not surprising that I jumped at the chance of putting in a hand dryer that is quick at drying hands whilst saving me a substantial amount of money over the year. I have been extremely pleased with the SAVORTEX dryer. It fits with our company’s policy of reducing carbon emissions and saving energy with the added benefit of offering one of the longest warrantee’s of the other hand dryers available on the market.”

– Ahmed Khan, McDonalds Franchisee

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