Previous washroom solution: Worn, aged and uneconomical hand dryers

The Challenge: ABN AMRO were concerned over washroom hygiene in light of concerns dating back to 2010 over swine flu. By installing the Vortex Eco-Smart hand dryers from SAVORTEX, our aim is to reduce energy and cost over the long life of the hand dryers.

Chris Reid, ABN AMRO said:

“You have to make intelligent procurement decision taking into account with the life cycle of the products. When it comes to sustainability, we aim to be a leading bank in this area within a few years. With this in mind, we consciously embed sustainability in the bank’s strategy and operations. After we placed our order, I heard that SAVORTEX had been awarded a Guinness World record and this is the icing on the cake and simply endorses the fact that we made the right decision. We look forward to a having them on board”

ABN AMRO pursues its sustainability policy based on three core principles from supplier to Customer: putting customer’s interests first, being alert to social developments and needs, and taking responsibility in the supply chain. Their goal is to further reduce paper consumption and reduce energy consumption by 20% (compared to 2009). The banks motto is consume less, operate sustainably and accept responsibility.