Carillion Installs Innovative Ecocurve Technology

Carillion has installed the new EcoCurveTM data driven hand dryer at one of its blue chip client’s estates.  Produced by British manufacturers SAVORTEX Ltd the EcoCurveTM uses ultra-low energy technology, and data to allow users to reduce, carbon, waste and cost.   

Euan Burns, Chief Engineer at Carillion plc comments:  “We have a clear focus on carbon reduction and sustainable client solutions and the new EcoCurveTM supports this. Utilising real data intelligence we can achieve smart cost savings and effective washroom management which increasingly important to Carillion and our customers.”

The EcoCurveTM smart hand dryer reports on energy, carbon and costs using data based on actual footfall in the washrooms.  Based on the data intelligence produced by the EcoCurveTM, the smart dryer stands to reduce carbon emissions by 50% compared to previous solutions, and it offers the lowest carbon footprint per dry in its class.

Furthermore, Big Data is critical to managing facilities and improving resource efficiency, and the SAVORTEX Data Intelligence Portal helps to manage and reduce the hidden costs in client washrooms.  The data can be used not only for day-to-day washroom management, but also for trend analysis over long periods of time supporting service improvement, productivity and shaping decisions based on the intelligence provided by the dryers.

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