The pilot was to install the EcoCurve Smart Data Dryers to improve the washroom sustainability profile and find hidden costs by measuring the current hand drying solution and proposing means of reducing the energy used, waste and CO2 impact of the washrooms and to improve the resource efficiency so that washrooms are inspected for cleaning and consumables replacement in a timely manner.

The pilot showed the individual washroom usage and was able to reveal the hidden costs so that they could be reduced and managed. Individual washroom footfall is recorded so that cleaners are notified when a washroom has been used to a client determined threshold, allowing for timely inspections.

Cost savings were demonstrated to be 99% against the paper solutions, 81% against the current electric hand dryers and 98% in CO2 against the paper towels, making an average of an 89% CO2 emissions reduction.

Cleaning inspection visits were reduced by 6%.

The outcome has been to start to roll out the EcoCurve hand dryers in the Canary Wharf Group estate.

The cost savings total £737 per dryer per year. Canada Tower has an approximate requirement of 236 hand dryers. Use of the EcoCurve will create a direct energy and paper towel saving totaling approximately £170,000 per year.

The CO2 savings will be over 1,840 tonnes and the waste to landfill of the over 12 million paper towels used annually will be reduced to zero.