Ahmed Khan, McDonalds Franchisee stated: ” I would highly recommend a Vortex hand dryer.”

Previous washroom solution: 2.4kW brushed motor hand dryers.

The Challenge:  Energy hungry hand dryers, expensive replacement costs of brushed motors due to high failure rate.

“In my busiest restaurant we serve over 70,000 customers per month and its fair to say that our toilets & hand dryers get a lot of use, so I jumped at the chance of putting in a hand dryer that is quick at drying hands whilst saving me a lot of money over the year”

“I have been extremely pleased with the Vortex hand dryer we have recently installed.”

“It also has the benefit of being a good fit with our company’s policy of reducing carbon emissions and saving energy and with the benefit of offering one of the longest warrantee’s out of the other hand dryers available on the market.”

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