Previous washroom solution: Paper towels and brushed motor hand dryers.

The Challenge: Environmentally unfriendly and expensive paper towels. Old brushed motor 2.4kw hand dryers. High motor failure rates.

The University of East Anglia helped SAVORTEX considerably in the roll out of the Vortex Eco-Smart hand dryer. During the evaluation they took care to ensure that the location of the dryer was fully considered especially when going from paper towels to a high speed hand dryer environment. The University has long been a leader in the field of environmental research and is committed to reflecting this in how they care for the campus and its surrounding environment.

UEA is committed to becoming an exemplar of good environmental practice in the higher education sector, particularly in terms of carbon reduction. From waste management and recycling to promoting sustainable transport schemes and helping cut down carbon emissions, the Sustainability team is tasked with reducing the environmental impact of the university.

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