SAVORTEX Intelligence Portal Quick Start Guide

Congratulations choosing the SAVORTEX EcoCurve Dryers with Data Intelligence, this page will give you an introduction to the system together with the steps you will need to get started.

How to access the SAVORTEX Intelligence Portal

Portal Login Page
To access to the SAVORTEX Intelligence Portal go to

Complete the username and password hit enter or click Signin

You will have received your initial username and password from your account manager. If you can’t remember your username and password please e-mail

Navigating around the portal

Once you have logged into the portal you will be presented with the home screen, before going into detail about the home screen these details will help you navigate around the portal showing key areas of the screen

Home screen of the portal
Top Left

Here you have the SAVORTEX Logo or your own if you have supplied one to be uploaded


Top Right

The top right has details about you if you are logged in, it gives you a link to our help pages (this document) and contact us form if you have any additional questions


Top Bar

This bar is the main method of navigating between the key screens of the portal


  • Home – This is the overview page for your account showing a summary of all your buildings
  • Dashboard – Here you can view data over a specified time period or you can drill down in to more detail to show details of a particular location or wash room within your building
  • Manage My – This is the area you will need to administer your account, including managing buildings, locations, washrooms and cleaners

Main Content


The main content window is where all the good stuff happens depending on the option you have selected from the menu

Working with the Home Screen

The home screen is the first page you are greeted with when you login to the SAVORTEX Intelligence Portal, it contains an overview of the buildings you have configured for your account and the most recent usage data including usage for the previous day and current month.
Home screen of the portal

It shows you a building summary of what you have installed together with a usage summary of the dryers and a cost saving against your previous drying method if we have that information. Also on the home screen are details of the current number of cleaner alerts the system has generated today and this month along with whether a cleaner has replied to the e-mail once the washroom has been cleaned.


To see more information about the drying patterns of your buildings go to the dashboard

Working with the Dashboard

The dashboard allows you view usage right down to the individual washroom on an hourly, daily, month and yearly view.
Portal Dashboard showing data per day
Note some views may not be available if your account is new
When first loaded, the dashboard will be showing you the previous days dries and alerts, you can change this duration using the drop down in the right hand corner of the page to select one of the pre-configured date ranges or click custom to select your own.


You can also change the granularity of the results on the graph using the select below the graph on the right hand side. Selecting an option will automatically refresh the both graphs on the page.


If you would like to narrow down the graph to a specific area use the filter by options to select one or more washrooms you would like to view the data for, you can type in the filter box within the dropdown menu to narrow down the options you are searching for.


Working with the “Manage my” Pages

The manage my screens all offer the same functionality to add, edit or delete the items they are controlling provided you have the permissions to carry out those tasks:

  • To add a new item, click add and enter all of the required details
  • To edit an item, select it in the grid; you can us the search box above the grid on the right which will filter by the table. The search will apply to all columns in the table
  • To delete an item, select it in the grid and click delete

Thank you for reading

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