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Our engineers have developed a truly revolutionary, patented, low energy and Smart hand drying product range, that have the ability to wirelessly report energy and usage data for analytics, and alerting cleaners to washroom inspections based on actual footfall1. These unique benefits introduce operational efficiencies from responsive cleaning and washroom data analytics.

The SAVORTEX hand dryer technical suitability meets and exceeds the MEP Performance Specification, and achieves LEED and BREAM compliance standards as follows:

Operation & Maintenance

  1. The designs and installations shall be carried so that operation and maintenance is optimized.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Minimize energy consumption while providing function, amenity, and comfort specified.

SAVORTEX hand dryers meet this standard:

SAVORTEX Smart hand dryers use from 450W of energy which is 50% to 88% less energy per use than traditional dryers, making our range the most energy efficient of any warm air dryer on the market.

Advanced Energy Metering

 LEED Pilot Credit 26

The contractor must install advanced energy metering for all whole-building energy sources AND major end uses that represent 10% or more of the total annual consumption of the building.

SAVORTEX hand dryers meet this standard:

The SAVORTEX Smart hand dryers have built in ‘real time’ energy metering and reporting features1 which will assist in the achieving of this requirement. The in-built data communications link allows for accurate energy management, helping clients meet their energy and cost reduction targets.

SAVORTEX is set apart within the marketplace utilising our pioneering and patented techniques. The unique nature of our design and engineering capabilities not only makes our product virtually impossible to replicate, but also creates opportunities for our intellectual property to be widely leveraged through a range of innovative products.

The company continues to secure worldwide Intellectual Property Rights and our products are transforming the hand drying market place firmly placing us as leading of a smart energy saving and digital revolution.

Green Cleaning

The Client will incorporate a “Green Cleaning” plan to ensure that the building will be environmentally friendly and provide a clean working and cleaning environment for its occupants.

SAVORTEX hand dryers meet this standard:

SAVORTEX Smart dryers use an advanced digital brushless motor technology and its anti-bacterial properties will assist in achieving this requirement.


Unless otherwise indicated within the individual specification sections, all equipment must be warrantied for a minimum of 12 months from the date of hand over.

SAVORTEX hand dyers meet this standard:

We offer an industry leading 5 to 7-year parts warranty with our Smart dryers.

1 EcoCurve 550D Smart dryer and adDryer only