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The need for hygiene management technology is critical. There is now an ever-present risk of outbreaks of harmful viruses and diseases. Workplaces reliant on manual dispensers have no means of identifying the risk of transmission through surface contact and, therefore, the risk to staff and customers.  The only way to manage infection control in the workplace is to implement an end-to-end hygiene management strategy that does not rely on guesswork. 


Employers have a fundamental Health & Safety duty of care for their employees’ physical and mental health and wellbeing during Covid-19. They are required in law to take as much care for employees as is reasonably practicable.  This extends to the use of handwashing and hand sanitisation in the workplace.


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Why is Data Important for energy, Resource Management and Infection Control?

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Employees themselves have a duty under health and safety law to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.


This is why SAVORTEX® created its smart sanitiser products to enable organisations to not only adopt the highest protocol levels of hand hygiene in the workplace but additionally to remotely monitor compliance to ensure that measures not only have been implemented but are being followed by all staff and visitors into a building.

How do Smart Sanitisers work? 

SAVORTEX® Smart Sanitisers:

  • Have sensors that use Wi-Fi or 4G/5G connectivity can determine in real-time, via RFID tags on employees’ security passes, whether employees are sanitising as required or not.


  • Can generate a discrete email or in-app notification which can be sent to the employee to go and sanitise, or to the building manager of a hygiene risk using GDPR compliant data.


  • Can be linked to a building access system to allow access only to those who have sanitised, if required.


  • Provide facilities management operators information regarding required refilling and alert if no liquid is dispensed in response to the unit being triggered.


  • Deliver compelling messaging to encourage optimum hand hygiene practice or other organizational policies and additionally can show adverts on screen while in use to provide a revenue stream.

SAVORTEX® Smart Sanitiser

Data Portal

The hygiene data reported by the SAVORTEX® Smart Hand Sanitiser can be used to create individual and organisational hand sanitisation scoring criteria, to encourage use, stop the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Snapshot report of hygiene performance within the estate.

Building Occupancy Vs Hands Sanitised.

Sanitiser dispensers that require liquid refills.

Building health, safety and hygiene performance (and comparison to the previous period).

Health and safety risk. Users who have not sanitised.

Create the Smartest & Most

Energy Saving Washrooms


Helping you to achieve Net Zero

Offset your consumption against environmental benefits with the world's first verifiable hand drying technology 

It is more important than ever to provide the most hygienic and environmentally sustainable environments.


The SAVORTEX® Smart Hand Dryer range has been developed with over a decade of expertise to ensure the most energy and resource-saving efficiency combined with superior hygiene tracking technologies.  

We make workspaces cleaner, safer and provide the most energy-efficient washrooms available. 

How do Smart Hand Dryers work? 

  • IoT connected sensors track energy and hand dryer usage in real-time and reports the analytics. The system then alerts attendants to washroom cleaning based on footfall statistics.
  • Patented brushless technology utilises an energy recovery system that uses 50-70% less energy than alternatives. 
  • Can be linked to a building access system to provide washroom footfall data to operators regarding labour and resource efficiency. 
  • The adDryer features an in built 5.7in HD full-motion screen to convey compelling hygiene messaging or dynamic advertising campaigns. 
  • SAVORTEX® Smart Hand Dryers deliver the world’s first verifiable energy consumption data hand drying technology that can be used to offset energy consumption against the environmental benefits.

SAVORTEX® Intelligent Washroom Data Portal

Real-time hygiene information triggers responsive washroom cleaning and provides improved washroom hygiene and reduced mess.

IoT Powered by Intel

“We are proud to work with SAVORTEX, co-developing a product which we can bring to market to drive great customer experiences. The magic of the internet of things is that these things can connect to provide useful information and drive transformational business models. This solution not only drives sustainability, reduces cost, and creates great customer experiences, but it provides a framework for new and innovative revenue streams” - 

Rod O’Shea

Intel IoT Director

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